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[1.198.033 default] Can't place thrusters if wheels have already been built

Stephen Conklin shared this bug 19 months ago
Won't Fix

So, as the title suggests, you can't place thrusters in certain locations if wheels have already been placed. You have to grind the tire down, place the thruster, then replace the entire suspension in order to be able to have a wheel be able to be added to that suspension. This has been tested in Vanilla, no mods were used on the save that I tested this in on two separate occasions. The easiest way to reproduce this is as follows:

1: Start a ner Star System world.

2: Choose Moon Drop Pod and click Respawn.

3: Exit your cockpit with F.

4: Press Alt-F10 and enable Creative Mode Tools. (Press Escape to close the menu)

5: Remove one of the four Atmospheric thrusters by right-clicking on it with a light armor block selected.

6: Press G to open the build menu and add the Large Atmospheric Thruster Group to your hotbar. (Press Escape to close the menu)

7: Select the Atmospheric Thruster button and scroll up or down to select the Small Atmospheric Thruster.

8: Attempt to place the Small atmospheric Thruster where the original one was. The game will not allow you to do so.

9: remove the tire of the suspension you are trying to place the thruster next to. After doing so, the game will allow you to place the thruster.

10: Access the grid's terminal with K and attempt to add wheel to that suspension. Again, the game will not allow you to.

11: Remove the suspension and place a new one. A new tire magically appears when the game will not allow YOU to place it.

12: Revel in the success of replicating this bug and pass it along to the department that can fix it.

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Hello, Stephen!

Thank you for reporting this and sorry you are experiencing the issue. I have reproduced and reported the issue with the atmospheric thrusters internally :) Would It please be possible to create a separate thread for the part about the tire issue? (Where you mention that you cannot place one but then can in the same spot by placing the suspension.) I can create that as a separate issue but unfortunately can only link one issue to one thread in the back office - I hope this is ok! :)

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department


Yeah, sure thing!


Hello, Engineer!

Unfortunately, after some digging into this, we came to conclusion that there is no issue. It´s by design regarding how to collisions of the wheels and thrusters works - they are bigger then the object itself, so even on places where is might look like the block should be allowed to be places, it can not, due to bigger collision box of the other block (wheel in this case).¨

Will close this thread.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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