[1.198.024] BackgroundCubeIndirect.dds is not used

Marco Leise shared this bug 2 years ago

Apparently this has been noticed by another community member a year ago:

Game infinitely attempts to load BackgroundCubeIndirect.dds during gameplay

I'm not here to report on the potential performance impact, but on the bug in the code that is apparent in the screenshot supertanker13 posted:


The game code looks for the file Textures\BackgroundCube\Final\BackgroundCubeIndirect.dds without prepending the content path. Subsequently it gets interpreted as a relative path and looked up in Bin64 (since that's where SpaceEngineers.exe is run from).

The effect of this on rendering is shown in the image below. The left side shows a tinted glass surface with a dark block behind it and the right sight shows an ice lake on EarthLike at midnight. The top half is taken with the vanilla game, but for the lower half I copied BackgroundCubeIndirect.dds over from Content to Bin64\Textures\BackgroundCube\Final\ to make it work as intended:2d7aab1fa10da6cd4b6591909cc8ec6b

As you can see in the bottom part, BackgroundCubeIndirect.dds effects reflections of the sky on glass and ice, but also changes the general brightness of the coastline. [Note: It is possible that the texture artist ended up making it darker than intended as he/she tried to get it working unsuccessfully.]

The erroneous code is in the method MyEnvProbeProcessing.RunForwardPostprocess(...) where it checks if an "indirect" version of the skybox exists:

MyFileSystem.FileExists(MyRender11.Environment.SkyboxIndirect) ? MyRender11.Environment.SkyboxIndirect : MyRender11.Environment.Data.Skybox;
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Hello, Marco,

thanks for letting us know about this one. Issue was reported into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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