[1.197] "Missing File Privileges" Download Error

Harbinger Ace shared this bug 12 months ago
Won't Fix

When downloading Space Engineers through Steam, the download will pause at 100% completion and then freeze. The reason for the game being paused is "Missing File Privileges."

I tried launching the game via the task bar manually, and an error window pointed to all files within Bin64 of the main game directory. There are no restricted permissions on any of the files themselves, so there has to be an error in download.

No other game has this issue; all others download just fine. Even SE Workshop content downloads without issue. Only Space Engineers fails, which means there is next to zero chance this issue is on Steam's end.

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I'm sorry you're having this issue. I would firstly suggest attempting the below steps to see if this sorts the issue for you. Please let me know if you are still having issues with this.

  • Verify your game files in Steam

  • Right click on Space Engineers in Steam Library → Properties → Local Files → Verify Integrity of Game Files


  • Delete SpaceEngineers.cfg file

  • It means your game configuration will be deleted
  • You can access your SpaceEngineers.cfg by typing %appdata% into your Windows search bar and you will be redirected to the hidden Roaming folder. After that just follow: \Roaming\SpaceEngineers.

  • Delete ShaderCache folder

  • Back up your whole Space Engineers Roaming folder and delete it
  • Restart Steam
  • Reinstall VC Redist 2017
  • Update graphic drivers
  • Reinstall the game
  • Make sure your operating system is fully updated

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Laura Perry, QA Department


Hello Engineer,

Since there are no new comments in this topic and we are still not able to reproduce it,

we are closing this thread as outdated.

In case anyone is encountering the same or similar bug, which is not already posted in a

different thread, please feel free to create a new thread with all relevant information.

Thank you.

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