[1.197] Bad performance + high network load when multiple players are in sync range

Klime shared this bug 10 months ago
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Issue: Following the Wasteland update, dedicated servers have been seeing bad performance + high network load. This is especially true when multiple players are grouped up within sync range, and near grids. The same worlds, using a pre-Wasteland patch, do not have this issue


- Load a new Star System world on a Dedicated Server

- Place some complex grids. These are grids with production, thrusters, subgrids etc

- Populate the server with 5-10 (or more) people

The issue seems related to Replication for clients

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i have noticed this issue with MyGasTanks


Yep, noticed the same increase then players are grouped together.



Thank you for your report. We tried to replicate this issue with 7 clients but unfortunately without success. Can you please test it on version 198 that will be released tomorrow? Also, can you please provide us with more information?

  1. Do you use Steam network or EOS network?
  2. Could you please attach here (or on Google drive) a save of your server?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!

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