[1.197.072] Clang When loading a save

Alexandre Huppe shared this bug 9 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

In the process of building a folding Solar Array, I had to save and quit (everything was stable and woking).

After loading, Clang took control of the build (Piston and Hinges used).

It's in a semi-stable state. Stopping (Off) the parts or attempting to move them doesn't help, and applying the "Share inertia tensors" settings result in an explosion.

Video and save file on onedrive (I can upload directly if needed): https://cegepdesherbrooke-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/alexandre_huppe_cegepsherbrooke_qc_ca/Eh0eWTf2kQFFmFmznA0XmYIB7BoXct9zZhKF2Jkx9g30tQ?e=JU6Rjg

I'll grind down some parts and test again.

Edit: I Was able to repair by lowering the "Safety Detach" to ~1, wait to stabilize, re-attach some hinges, then deploy the solar array and attach the remaining hinges.

I then saved with the array deployed, loaded the game again and it was stable.

To make a test as complete as I can, I folded the array again, saved and reloaded (same setup as the stat of this post) and Clang was there again when I loaded.

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I've done some more testing, uploaded a new save and video (sorry for the English, second language).

It seems the 1rst segment of the extending "arm" is in cause: hinge - piston - hinge and might be colliding against the ship wall.

(save file and video on Onedrive, same link as before)

Save file is in a stable state (as in the start of the video) (filename: 2020-12-16 120548.zip)

Video show a bit more what works (and how), what can be done to setup a clang disaster on a World load and the explosion at load.

Is there anything I can do to make this king of rig more stable?




Problem simplification: I tried building in an empty world juste the wall and 1rst section of my "arm" and was surprised to get a grid rotation (I guess from the hinge, no thruster/gyro used).

World and video on OneDrive (filenames start with "Clang test - simple setup")


I've spent two days designing and building perfect Large Grid wheeled mobile base. Weight distribution, defenses, angled spotlights, even automated foldable drilling rig... I was working on decor, when assertive drone crushed on top of it...

I've figured i'll just load save and move away... On load Clang obliterated my Magnum Opus. The only things left were 5-6 up to 5 block pices, and 4-6 wheels falling from the sky... And it's the same in every backup... I think SE didn't liked my drill in it's unfolded state...

So sad...


Has any QA looked at this Bug report? (It been almost a month but no responses).

I Could use some help with this one (Confirming it's a bug / helping me see what I did wrong or what I could do to prevent such clang disaster)?


Hello, Alexandre!

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. And sorry about not getting to it earlier but we have quite high number of submitted issues so we need to prioritize.

Information and videos you provided are absolutely awesome! Thanks a lot. Issue is indeed happening, it was reproduced successfully and put into our internal system.

At first I though it might be because the big blocks are partly clipping into the piston body, but even when I change all of them to "Half Block" variants, it was still happening.

As for now - before it will get fixed - my best advice is... well... keep the array unfolded when leaving the game and saving. I know it might be annoying but so far I have not found any other possibility how to avoid it.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Thanks Ondrej,

if you need anything else to help fix this, just let me know.