[1.196.014] Grid position desync on DS

Marco Leise shared this bug 13 months ago
Need More Information

I've noticed this today:


The landing gears are actually all on the pad and you can see that the ramp and at the far end a pilot seat on a hinge are in their expected positions. Reconnecting to the server (DE#5) fixes the issue and places the ship back down on the pad.

What caught my attention is that the left landing gears are still touching the ground, so it seems like the client side was running full physics on the ship and tried to roll it over to the left without the sub-grids.

What I remember doing was turning that ship off completely earlier that day and doing some runs forth and back to orbit, where I may have run past the sync distance a few times.

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Thank You very much for your feedback. Please, can you attach blueprint of the ship for better reproduction of the issue?


Here you go. I'm almost certain that you will need more cases from other players before you can make sense of what happened there. So place it in the X files for now. ;-)

Files: bp.zip