[1.196.011] Numpad keys only work while Num-Lock is active

Marco Leise shared this bug 2 years ago

The keys 0 through 9 and period can only be assigned and only register as being depressed or released while Num-Lock is on. When Num-Lock is off, these keys are effectively dead during game-play.

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That would be a feature of Windows, been present since 3.1


I refuse to comment on this.


I looked into it a bit more and tried various Latin keyboard layouts (QWERTY (English and Hungarian 101), QWERTZ, French, Lithuanian, Latvian and Turkish-F as well as Russian) and concluded that I have no idea how SE interprets key presses. In any case it doesn't use raw keyboard layout independent scan codes, which would help with these I think:

  • Solves the numpad key issue. :-)
  • Maybe allows PrintScr, Scroll Lock and Num Lock to be assigned?
  • No default keys assigned to non-existent keys: The French layout does not have a dedicated "minus" key, meaning the default key for "Open control menu" literally doesn't exist. Instead the key to the left of the right shift key "may not be assigned to controls." (It is the exclamation mark key.) Similarly the Lithuanian ŪGJRMV layout lacks the "colon" key for "Open Contract screen".
  • The French layout has a very different layout for the left-most keys, meaning that the movement keys as well as power and dampeners need to be remapped after installing the game. QWERTZ layouts have swapped Z/Y keys meaning jetpack on/off is not next to dampeners as intended by default. Other keys such as prev/next color/camera or prev/next toolbar may also not be adjacent in various layouts.

The downside is that in some layouts L = lights, B = build menu, M = mirror plane etc. would end up on differently labeled keys. The Latin layouts that have at least one of the "mnemonics" IKLCVBM remapped are:

  • Latvian ŪGJRMV (all letters, but it gains the currently un-assignable "a with macron" letter)
  • French (only M is affected, but it gains the currently un-assignable "!" key)
  • Turkish-F (all letters)

Windows 10 defaults to Turkish and Latvian layouts that are QWERTY-based. These are not affected by letter re-mappings.


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