[1.194.211] Ore detectors low performance with just slightly longer modded range

Santibag shared this bug 16 months ago

I'm using a mod to make max small ore detector range 500m, because I don't like SE planet mining and I installed a mod to make ores spawn deeper.

Now the ore detector freezes the game while searching, and physics continue while I cannot see any change on my screen. After a few seconds of freeze, it finds ores but my vehicles move during the freeze without me being unable to control them.

I didn't have this issue on the previous version with the same settings (now I use even lower graphics). The last major update broke many things with the game.

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Just as a confirmation, the previous version had the mod working without freezing? In theory, increasing the range would increase the time needed to search with a cubic factor, assuming the naïve implementation; 500m would take 8 times as long to search as 250m


Yes, in previous version, the mod was working fine despite still impacting the performance. At least I could continue with slightly lower FPS.

I'm questioning playability for many reasons in this version, especially because of ore detectors.


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I want to make a little update:

I told that this was happening in 500m but it also happens in 250m, I noticed after trying to remove the freezing. The freeze duration gets smaller but it still exists.


I encountered the same problem!

Yesterday I came back from space down to the planet and as soon as i got below 8000m, my screen froze in regular intervals.

Freeze, then 1 or 2 seconds of normal FPS than freeze again.

I realized later, that this behavior was due to the increasd range of the ore detector from 50 to 500 meters.

BUT: This has nothing to do with the performance! To confirm this, I scaled everything back to bare minimum settings and the problem did not change, so i don't think that speed was the problem.

I used the longer ore detector range before, over a year ago and i didn't encounter this behavior then.

At that time i ran a i5 4670k with a 770 GTX, so vastly inferior hardware.

My pc:

AMD Ryzen 3600

2070 Super

16 gig of RAM