[1.194.208] strange behavior from thrusters on subgrids

Takeshi shared this bug 19 months ago

a known bug since 2018 and tested a few minutes ago, is still a bug:


Hi Keen,

Its hard to explain, but easy to replicate or use the blueprint and follow my steps.

- Build or spwan a ship on a planet (must be a ship, if the maingrid is static, no problem)

- set a rotor (far away from center of mass)

- on the rotor set mirrored blocks and a thruster on both sides, showing down

- turn of the rotor

Example Blueprint:

- spawn it on a planet

- use red cockpit

- move it (just to activate thrust)

- hit "1" to turn off rotor


the subcrids on both sides will start rotating, there is a force they is not acting on the center of mass from subgrid

a picture:


Have a nice day and please tell me if you need more informations.



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