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[1.193.103] [SP][DS] Kicking Player from Faction Transfers ALL PCU from that Player to Founder

LordTylus shared this bug 21 months ago

Hello there,

on our server we are experience quite some random PCU transfers to other player which were done without any consent of either of these players at all.

We found out by accident, that Kicking a Player from a Faction causes him to Loose Authorship of ALL of his Blocks.

I was able to Verify that on Dedicated Server and even in Single Player.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create nor World (I took an empty one) (survival)

2. Create faction

3. Have a player join the faction (I created an NPC since I lacked a second player on SP)

4. Leave Faction (Other player or NPC will be promoted to Founder)

5. Playe a Block, Paste a ship whatever (as long as its owned by you)

6. Join the Faction again:

7. Have the other player Kick you from your faction (or Kick yourselves as admin using the kick button)

8. Notice Info Tab is empty. Your ship now belongs to the Other player or NPC

Please Fix ASAP


I Looked at the MyFactionCollection Class with Decompiler and sure enough

        case MyFactionStateChange.FactionMemberKick:
          if (Sync.IsServer && playerId != this.m_factions[fromFactionId].FounderId)
            MyBlockLimits.TransferBlockLimits(playerId, this.m_factions[fromFactionId].FounderId);
          this.m_factions[fromFactionId].KickMember(playerId, true);
The code is there

It looks intentional but why? I still consider it a bug because I dont want that

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback. This issue has been reported and forwarded to our programmers.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Fixed in version 194.

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