1.193.019 - IMySafeZoneBlock Reporting bad Power Usage Information

Jouster500 shared this bug 2 years ago

Bug discovered in the research of null data occurring in IMySafeZoneBlock DetailedInfo and the IMySafeZoneBlock using ModAPI interface as opposed to ingame interface.

Thanks to MartinRWolfe, apparently IMySafeZoneBlock is not reporting on correct power usage data when using to assisting script. Furthermore, this information is bugged and does not correlate to actual power usage of the SafeZone in question.

You can test this by first placing a safezone on a grid powered by a battery, wait till activation of the safe zone, and adjust the slider. A power failure will initialize shorting out the safezone. Add a power source of a large reactor, repeat above steps, and the issue is voided.

This info is also lacking in the DetailedInfo which is addressed in the respective separate ticket. Attached is the text version of an assisting script that can help showcase the issues at hand, as well as a world with which to test it in.

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