1.193.0 Small grid Gatling Turret can't hook up to small conveyor ports

Stephen Conklin shared this bug 3 years ago

So, world with no mods, and prior to the 1.193.0 update, the small grid Gatling turret could quite happily hook up to the small conveyor network on my ship. Now, it won't.

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So apparently, this happens only on existing worlds prior to 1.193.0. A fresh world does not experience this issue, so the existing worlds, despite getting the new features of 1.193.0, are not being entirely updated to 1.193.0. Also, I did not receive the requisite "this world will be updated on load" dialog when loading said world, as I usually do after having updated the game. As an aside, I apparently do not have permission to edit my own post, hence the comment giving y'all this new information.


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