[1.192.104] 3km/5km View distance bug(s)

tommelom10 shared this bug 3 years ago

I did some experimenting with different settings to see what affected my view distance, and here are the results...

my view distance is set to 15km and the game version is 1.192.104 btw.


with voxel quality set to extreme asteroids are only visible up to 5km unless you use a camera/turret.

but with voxel quality set to high (or lower), the asteroids render in at the view distance specified in the world settings(as they should).

asteroids with any grids near/in them can stay visible up to 80km(maybe further) away no matter the view distance with voxel quality set to high(or lower).


on new offline worlds grids seem to adhere to the view distance, while on online worlds grids become invisible beyond 3 km(heard this is caused by a setting called sync distance defaulting to 3000m). on a world from 2016 grids became invisible beyond 5km instead if 3km.


asteroids don't render correctly beyond 5km when voxel quality is set to extreme

grids dont render beyond 3 km on non offline worlds due to a setting called sync distance (defaults at 3000m) not matching the view distance specified in world settings.

here is a link to an older post that i think contained some good ideas here.

its also where i first herd about the sync distance setting.

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