[1.192.022] Relative dampeners allow engaging at larger distances then turn off

Digi shared this bug 3 years ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

This behavior is quite misleading, if you look at a grid that's further than 100m away and press Ctrl+Z it will show on the HUD that dampeners are in Auto mode but a few seconds later it turns back on to regular dampeners, this all while neither targets moving.

It's an issue in the aiming code that has a different distance check (1000m) than the update one (100m).


1. Create/paste a somewhat large grid somewhere, with an antenna or GPS so you can see distance to it.

2. With character go ~300m away from it (under 1km though because that is the selector hardcoded limit)

3. Press Ctrl+Z while aiming at it to enable dampeners and look at the HUD.

The HUD will show dampeners go into auto mode then a variable amount of time later it turns back to simply on.

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Hello, Engineer!

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I was doing an escort mission with my large capital ship and wanted to put it on auto follow so I could go out with my fighter. But the ship couldn't lock on, I got a lock pressing ctrl Z while looking at it, often about 400-500 meters away from the escort ship and then it almost immediately unlocks again. Very annoying and makes it hard to stay in sync with escort ships without using relative dampeners...


This is still an issue in 197.

The issue is in Sandbox.Game.Multiplayer.MyPlayerCollection.SetDampeningEntity()

Vector3D to = translation + forward * 1000.0;
It needs to either be 100 or better point to Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.MyEntityThrustComponent.MAX_DISTANCE_RELATIVE_DAMPENING instead.


Still an issue, please remove the outdated tag.

But the solution isn't to reduce that raycast range, instead MyPlayerCollection.SetDampeningEntity() needs to do the same checks as MyEntityThrustComponent.UpdateRelativeDampeningEntity() does and decline it from the start.


Hello, Both!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I appreciate the thread is quite old. As you said this is still an issue, I had a look into this and have successfully reproduced and reported the issue internally.

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Laura, QA Department

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