[1.192.022] Bug - Refineries are too fast / Speedmodules are too slow / Displayvalues are wrong

Robb shared this bug 2 years ago


after trying to find out the correct values for ore refine rates on different wiki pages for Space Engineers and finding out that multiple ores have been changed / wikis were outdated, I decided to update those wikis with correct values.

Doing testing ingame has shown me that values were changed but what actually caught my eye was that adding Productivity aka Speedmodules to the Refinery wouldn't match their speed as displayed in the Refinery info in menu.

The information shows an increase of 100% per Speedmodule and whilst going through gamecode, I did find out that those values are not correctly displayed.

A few values from gamecode:

> Basic Refinery - RefineSpeed at 1.0

> Refinery - RefineSpeed at 1.3

> Assembler - Speed at 1.0

> ProductivityModule - Multiplier is additive for each slot (one speedmodule covers 2 slots so times 2), adds 0.5 (1.0)

Display values are simply added so having an assembler with a module upgrade will result in correct speed such as 200% / 300% efficiency etc.

Refineries display the same values despite the refinery having a base RefineSpeed of 1.3 and adding speedmodules on it still displays at 200% /300% effectiveness despite it actually being 1.0/ 1.3 so 76.9% per module....

It must be coded as ``RefineSpeed + Modifier`` instead of ``RefineSpeed * ( 1 + Modifier) `` so speedmodules do not give the correct displayed value...

Here is multiple ways to solve it:

1. Recode displayed values of added speedmodules on refineries

2. Nerf RefineSpeed of large refinery (1.3 to 1.0) and basic refinery (1.0 to 0.8 or any lower value)...maybe nerfing the survival kit as well.

3. Buff speedmodules to match the displayed values which would increase their efficiency by 0.23% on refineries

The attached file should show the current increase in speed with added speedmodules (ignore yield)

Option 1 is to change the displayed values and not the fastest fix.

Option 3 is to change how speedmodules affect refineries and the formula has to be changed as I don't know how it is applied currently though doing the math and testing it ingame has shown that it is indeed a bug and the value increase does not match.

Option 2 is just changing 2 or 3 (SKIT) numbers which seems like the most simple solution to me.

My suggestion:

Most people do not play on hardcore servers and reducing the refinery speed by 23% (from 130 to 100%) wouldn't matter as much, yield stays untouched.

Please change the values and nerf the RefineSpeed of the Refinery, the Basic Refinery and the Survival Kit to save time on fixing this 'display' / 'refinery too fast' / 'speedmodules too slow' - Bug.

Best regards,


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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

Please keep voting for the issue as it will help us to identify the most serious bugs.

We really appreciate your patience.

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