[1.196.011] Piston heads in motion pop off when out of view distance (steps to repeat included)

hobobot shared this bug 3 years ago

Piston heads and any subgrid attached to it pops off when you leave view distance. I actually have not been able to find out what happens to the subgrid. I appears to just vanish. I don't have it in my entity list any more.

Steps to repeat:

1) Current settings are vanilla except set EnableSelectivePhysicsUpdates=true

2) Make a grid with at least: 1 battery, 1 timer block, and 1 piston

3) Set timer block to reverse the piston after it has been fully extended/retracted. Also trigger the timer block (so the piston just moves back and forth)

4) Go out of view distance (whatever you have configured)

5) Wait for grid to unload

6) Go back. Observe that your piston head has vanished.

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Same for me, however piston head doesn't vanish, it just seems to fall off.


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nooooo last time you marked my topic as considered it was just ignored forever. Come on, just tell fil. He'll fix it in like 10 minutes.

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