[1.191.108] Rotors, convert to ship, Clang!

Marco Leise shared this bug 13 months ago

This is a repro case of ship ↔ station conversion Clang.

Due to another bug, where conveyors behind a rotor would not be powered occasionally I converted the drill part of the ship below into a station and replaced the offending conveyor tubes. Then I turned the system on and realized what I forgot:

23031dbeebdf1df3b0a907ad34efda52So I converted the drill back to a ship and got a massive explosion that killed the drill, rotors, conveyors, one of two pistons, and multiple cargo containers:


Reproduction stepsDownload the attached world and convert the drill part back to a ship.


Turn the drill off first. Somehow this seems to release the tensions.

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I also noticed that leaving a thruster running on override would "accelerate" a station grid, so that when you turn it into a ship it goes off at 100 m/s instantly. I assume that's the same problem.

Furthermore, rotors set to "lock rotor" or having a strict limit on an angle can only be attached in the orientation they "remember", otherwise they explode. I assume that both ways of confining rotation exert an extremely strong force to keep the rotor at a certain angle. Detaching and reattaching in a different orientation then creates a massive amount of energy resulting from the difference in expected angles. My expectation would be that attaching a rotor head would "reinitialize" this expected angle to something appropriate for the new orientation and potentially saying "angle is out of bounds, limits not applied" as is normally done when you set limits that can't be satisfied immediately.

Hint: You may need some mass on both ends for things to actually become violent.


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