[1.191.108] Performance bug with LCDs (unnecessary updates)

Marco Leise shared this bug 2 years ago

I built a cockpit with a high resolution "image" using the monospace font and edited the XML, to reduce the font size below 0.1 ... but hear me out please!

What happens

I noticed some severe lag around displays with high resolution textures (307x256 pixels) every 10 frames.

What is expected

LCDs showing "Text and Images" should not use any CPU after the initial render, unless there are multiple background images in the list and the change interval is non-zero.



This can temporarily fixed by setting the LCD to "Script" and select "Nothing", then back to "Text and Image" and then back to "Script". That way the last displayed image becomes frozen and is not updated while the camera is near. Perfect. Until you leave the area or reload.

EDIT: This is maybe related to:


which seems to be about server performance and toString().

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Hello, Engineer!

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Replying to tell you this is fixed. Thanks for taking the time.