[1.191.106 DS] OxGenerator is using power without creating O2/H2

Takeshi shared this bug 2 years ago

Hi Keen, here is a new bugreport for you. Hope this will help to make your game better. See also my other Feedback to make the game better for me ;-)

- only seen on DS (tested in SP/Offline -> not happend)

- only seen after leaving a connected cockpit

- seen on small and large grid

OxGernerator is using full power while not producing O2/H2 because there is no need. That only happens after leaving a connected cockpit.

how to reproduce:

- create a grid with:

+ reactor

+ O2Tank

+ H2Tank

+ O2H2Geneartor

+ Cockpit

(all have to be connected)

- fill in Ice + Uran

- wait until all tanks are full

- check power creation of reactor (from outside) -> low, normal

- sit in the cockpit

- check power creation of reactor -> you should see the usage of the O2H2Generator (for you to breath)

- leave cockpit

- check power creation of reactor -> still higher usage, thats the bug

to make it easier for you, use this blueprint with grid and filled tanks: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1803718439 (will be removed SOON)

Have a nice day.


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