[1.190.009] "Ice skating" bug on static grids in dedicated servers

validpoint shared this bug 2 years ago

There is a problem that pops up on dedicated servers after playing a while. For some reason, it becomes completely impossible to walk on certain grids. It seems occur on large static grids and is entirely localized to them. You can even have a piston lift connected to the affected grid and you are able to walk around on it fine, but taking one step on to the main grid and you're stuck sliding forever.

It can be fixed temporarily with a server restart but it will eventually come back. I Think it has something to do with connectors but I can't be sure what exactly causes the grid to become like this.

The large station on the "Novis" planet in this world is where the problem is occurring most of the time.

Attached is a video of the bug on a survival server with about 20 players online at the time, and the world

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Eyup, annoying as heck, I would love to see this fixed.


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I'm also having this issue in my (offline) single player world.

I'm able to phase through a static grid. It starts off fine, but the longer I play the more offset the hitbox seems to be from the actual grid. This affects both players AND other non-static grids, even floating objects.

Eventually the player is able to go through solid blocks, sometimes harmless but sometimes it glitches out and kills the player. It can also destroy small grids that phase through.

It appeared to have started after I started using automated miners using the PAM script.

Also this issue is the same as https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/static-grids-causing-players-to-slidejump-after-a-ship-has-dockedundocked-to-it because if the hitbox moves UP instead of DOWN, my character starts to bounce off the floor as if its made of ice.