1.189: Disassembly queue turns into an assembly queue on world re-load.

Auhrii shared this bug 4 years ago

Ordering an assembler to disassemble, say, 1000 rifle magazines and then re-loading the world turns the disassembly order into an assembly order, wasting a lot of time later disassembling my even larger surplus of ammunition for materials.

Repro steps:

  1. Order a disassembler to disassemble a large stack of items.
  2. Save and exit the world.
  3. Re-load the world.
  4. Notice the assembler is now assembling the items you ordered it to disassemble.

An additional bug is that assemblers over-stock items you order them to disassemble; when assembling items it pulls the exact amount of resources needed for construction, whereas when disassembling it pulls a large surplus (for example, disassembling 1000 rifle mags often results in it pulling 2000 or so from connected containers).

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Still getting this.


Just more of the usual garbage. It's actually been a bug much longer than this, our assembly management script always had to clear the queues on load/start for this reason

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