[1.189.020 Beta Inception] Batteries Supply infinite power

Burstar shared this bug 4 years ago

Start SE

Create Survival world 1x realistic, no drones, wolves, or progression (thanks for that setting btw)

Spawn in space suit (in space)

Enable creative tools

Place a line of 8 Large Grid Survival kits

Set the Large Grid to station

Add a Battery and Ion thruster.

Disable Admin Tools

Enter Grid's Terminal window and observe that battery is displaying 12MW in and out, with either the time to recharge set to some impossible value, or nil (this fluctuates randomly).

Set Ion thruster override to max

Observer no change in battery values.

* if you add a hydro tank, hydro engine, generator and run the grid that way with the battery off the numbers make sense (power draw +ambient power draw is correct)

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