[1.188.023] Some Hand Drills are not equippable

domingo shared this bug 21 months ago

Scenario: Star System

Respawn: Alien Planet Landing

Hand Drill stored in the Small Cargo Container of the Planetary Lander cannot be equipped.

The Hand Drill player starts with (when "Spawn with Tools" is enabled) seems to be OK.

I didn't checked other ships nor scenarios.

However it can be disassembled and the new assembled Hand Drill seems to be OK.

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Can confirm, for some reason the broken drill item has more data saved to file than one that you spawn with.

I attached a blueprint with a container holding the broken drill.


I played a couple different scenarios where I had to grab a hand drill from a storage container and the drill would not equip. The first time it happened I finally, in desperation, dropped it, then picked it up again, only to find that it then could be equipped. The second time it happened to me I once again used the "drop-and-pickup" trick with success.