[1.188.022] Buttonpanel won't trigger timer blocks

Scytero shared this bug 2 years ago

Hey there,

since the last Update (188.022 Atmospheric and help) Buttonpanels with checked Option "Anyone can use" won't trigger or start Timerblocks anymore. Still, for an admin allowed to use all terminals everything is okay.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Build a Timerblock (1min), set ownership to NPC or other player
  • Build a Buttonpanel, set owner to the same character
  • Set Panel to "Anyone can use"
  • Set Action for 1 Button to Start/Trigger Timerblock
  • Turn of all admin override features (no "Can use all terminal blocks")
  • Use Button

What happens: Button sound plays, but Timer stays inactive

What's expected: Timer should start countdown (or do programmed action immediately)

Tested on DS, Timer and button set to an NPC

Other functions like turning on/off doors and lights do still work as expected.

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    Update; have tried to reproduce te issue in offline worlds, including all mods and even do a blank copy-paste of the structure in question via se-toolbox. its not reproducebale so far, but it won't run on the live server, thought it did before the update of yesterday..


    Further update:

    While the error seems to not occure on local games (singleplayer/offline), I was able to reproduce it on a second instance of our map, with completely new systems.

    The error is restricted (afaik) to programmable blocks and timers, on direct control and in groups. I was still able to toggle doors (on/off/open/close), lights (on/off), lcds (on/off).

    I will try to create a simple map, but as it is running for more than 3 months now, this will take a while.