[1.187] Subgrid on rotor gets torque from main grid

AterIgnis shared this bug 5 years ago

Issue: when torque is applied to a ship (tested with small ship grids), it also applies to subgrids on rotors.

Example: Putting thruster on rotor perpendicularly should not apply torque to rotor around its axis as thrust is applied in same plane as center of mass is, it must apply torque to main grid only. But actual results differ - as thrust rises rotor torque becomes insufficient to rotate thruster around.

This behavior prevents me from making VTOL ships, as to turn engines around I have to disable all major rotating forces (engines). With engines off - rotors turn them as desired, but with engines working I constantly run in cases when engines can turn in one direction(undesired) and can't in another (desired).

I've attached simple contraption, which reproduces this issue for me: rotor is able to turn atmothruster only between screenshotted positions and vibrates much.

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