[1.187] 3rd person camera snaps back into 1st person

Wonkatoad shared this bug 3 years ago

This is an older issue that seemed to be fixed several months ago. When moving the 3rd person camera around, it will occasionally snap back into 1st person, which can be incredibly annoying and disorienting.

It's usually when the camera collides with another object or voxel, but it can be pretty unpredictable. In confined spaces, the camera will get stuck in 1st person, and players are forced to blindly move the mouse around until it eventually snaps back into 3rd person.

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We are aware of this issue and we are currently planning to look upon it in the future.

We will message you once we have more information.

Thank you!

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Keen Software House: QA Department


Please retest if the problem persists.

We changed a lot of things. Please let us know.

Thank you! :)

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