[1.187.209] Previous/Next Toolbar Non Functional in Block Select (G) Screen

HelloGoodbye shared this bug 3 years ago

The Previous/Next Toolbar Buttons typically mapped to Period(.) and Comma(,) are not functional on the Block Select (G) screen. In order to swap toolbars you either have to exit the G screen and switch or use Ctrl + [Number].

This issue also appears in Medieval Engineers.

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The issue is the game thinks pressing these keys means you're starting a text search and inputs the presses into the search field.


You are right, I just tested that. The keys work if you click off of the search bar. The search bar will not accept special characters, so maybe it can be set to either accept (.) and (,) as commands as opposed to keystrokes or initialize the g screen without the cursor in the search bar until another key is pressed. The second option would may work better since I have accidentally double tapped G causing it to appear pre-filtered on open.


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