[1.187.205] Subgrid Wobble after Jump

Aleliabro shared this bug 3 years ago

After jumping a far distance (1700km) the subgrids of my ship (rotor door) wobbled and came in contact with the ship frame. Then either destroyed the door or damaged the ship as it 'clanged'. Also theree was a buggy inside the ship which also clanged and broke apart. We attached it by connector using an advanced rotor, landing gear on the ship onto the buggy, piston from the buggy with a landing gear on the end then connected it to the transport ship and every time we tried to go to earth it would just interact with the body of the large ship and destroy the buggy and door.

The main thing is its not just visual wobble, it always causes damage

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Forgot to add it was on a DS and it was the wheels on the buggy that were ‘wobbling’ and caused it to damage itself. The buggy itself was fine, it was just the rotors and wheels


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