[1.187.204] Hovering on a planet with subgrids Tilts/falls

Gwindalmir shared this bug 4 years ago

Hovering on a planet with subgrids causes the ship to tilt and tall.

This happens on 1.187.204, which is after the listed fix for this issue.

Here's a video demonstrating the problem. The tilt is more apparent at the end.



  1. Load the attached world
  2. Press P to unlock landing gear
  3. Press Space to ascend to 200m
  4. Wait, and look in first person.
  5. Notice the ship falls a 1.02 m/s, and the horizon indicator moves.

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We created a ticket for the issue and we will address it as soon as possible.

We will change the status of this topic and inform you about its progress here as soon as we have new information. Based on the amount of bugs we receive, it can take some time to review all reported issues.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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