[1.187.088] Bullets have way too much momentum in creative

GameGibu shared this bug 3 years ago

Reproduction rate:


Afflicted version: 1.187.088

Steps to reproduce:

1. Creative mode

2. Be targeted by any turret

3. Get hit

4. Watch as you fly back over a hundred meters

Observed behaviour:

Bullets have way too much knockback in creative mode. Unless you're very skilled at evading, you can't approach even a single hostile turret without being flung backwards a hundred meters each time you're hit.

Expected behaviour:

As it used to be, several bullets in quick succession can hold a player off unless they're dodging.

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Hello GameGibu,

thank you for the bug report and reproduction steps. Our teams will take a look at this problem in next couple of days.


Its even worse in survival, it pretty much instantly kills you. IF you survive the bullet the crazy amount knockback will kill you and ruins your fun. Engineers are fragile enough...



Thank you very much for your feedback. The issue has been reported. Have a nice day :-)

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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