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[01.187.205] DS Player Antenna Beacon range affected by Server Render Setting

DIO_SVK shared this bug 4 years ago
Won't Fix

When DS have render distance set to 5 km (performance friendly) all player build antennas/beacons when grid is unloaded (you go more than 5km) they are not showing the signals. DS_AntenaSignalBUG.jpg

Random generated Cargo ships spawned are showing signals fine but only "player built grids" when unloaded will not show the signal. You can find your mothership in terminal showing distance (DS_AntenaSignalBUG.jpg-BottomLeft) But you do not know where it is No signal mark in space.

Only GPS signals are visible always you must stop you mothership from moving and generate GPS position as Antennas/Beacons are bugged.

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Vanilla server (No MODS)



so the signal disappears while getting further from it? I wasn't able to reproduce it. We know about similar bug, but it requires you to reconnect to trigger it.

If you say vanilla server does it also mean you are using our default server configurator?

Can you provide the world, there it happens?

Thank you.

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The server has is Default values for experimental. Only render distance is set to 5km. After getting further from the mother ship 5km and more, the ship will unload with the antenna/beacon signal mark.

I know this as when ship "unloads" camera zoom is reset to 0.

If i Dual click in Remote Access terminal on the mothership terminal the game will load the ship, but when you leave her terminal the mothership is unloaded with the antenna/beacon signal again.

Looks like ship is completely erased, after getting further from it.


I am still unable to reproduce it. I've set streaming distance for 5km, the signals stayed until 50km far from it though. I think I will need the world and also SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg to see what is causing it, can you upload it?



I Also Get this Bug from time to time. both with NPC's and player Grids

It dose not always Happen but the best way to see the bug is to test on a World with a least 30days of use and plent of grids around the server World.

1. Set a Beacon/ Anteeta with a 25km Radius

2. Leave both sync Range and View Distance

3. then leave the area of the Anteena/Beacon Range

4 wait in till next Save or Relog

5 head back to the beacon area.

This dose not alway happen but what will happen is the Anteena or beacon will take a long time to show up even when in range of it or not it only untill you hit in (sync) range will the Anteena/beacon show up or if you can not see it from 20kms away if you go in to Admin view of the grid while 20kms away as the Grid shows up in Admin view then the antenna/beacon will show up.

Also what sometimes will happien you get the steaming Wheel come up and does nothing at the right view distance.


There is no render distance anymore in the DS manager.

If you still have this problem, then please create a new ticket with relevant information for version 196.016.

Closing this as won't fix.

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