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Mod API allowing to draw custom things on the map

Under Consideration Shurgent 12 months ago No Comments
6 votes

All blueprints unlocked aka. Creative mode

Under Consideration Patrick K. Comments: 3 Reply 15 months ago by Mithrilchu
2 votes
4 votes

Make the MedievalEngineers-Dedicated.cfg XML standards compliant

Under Consideration Boromir Comments: 4 Reply 16 months ago by Boromir
2 votes

Small stone storing changes

Under Consideration Tomáš B. Comments: 4 Reply 14 months ago by Medieval E.
7 votes

Use for super deep mines

Under Consideration Kaden G. Comments: 15 Reply 9 months ago by Loki T.
48 votes

please add a fleshed-out AI opponents/neutrals npcs

Under Consideration Copycat80 Comments: 6 Reply 8 months ago by Rye B.
54 votes

Adding sounds to structurally instable constructions

Under Consideration Timm Comments: 3 Reply 12 months ago by Burstar
52 votes
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