Wild runaway physics

Caleb Klingbeil shared this bug 2 years ago

I imagine others have noticed this but I couldn't find a similar bug. This game often has physics issues that cause creations to fly about wildly. Attached images show my rock elevator bouncing about like a fish on a line and the rope drum axle coming loose after a few bounces. This often results in my rock cart exploding into component pieces. This also occurs with horizontal carts on occasion.

For reproduction; this occurs most often with higher weight. Empty carts are less likely to begin moving wildly but they still can.

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catchblocks dont really work with anything complicated, and often fail under simple application. its a major issue, every player experiences this. looking at your pics your engineering is too complicated for this game at its current development, most likely this year or next it could be looked at.

anything with a catchblock will fail like this imho.