Voxels turn to dirt as you move the preview of a building around.

Mauricio shared this bug 6 months ago
Need More Information

When loading a blueprint and moving the building around on the ground without placing it, the grass starts turning into the dirt as if it had already been placed. I think it does the same to any voxel when moved onto it, which means if you move a blueprint preview underground when placing it you might have just turned a bunch of resourced into dirt.

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Hello, I am not able to reproduce your issue. What version of the game do you have? Do you use any mods? My voxel change only when I place something in the voxel.


Hi, yes is quite difficult to pinpoint it, I also believe I've seen this before in other versions as well, I'm not sure if it may be mods, I'll try to give more info when I find out.