Voxel Tools Need Some Love

Terry DeLaney shared this feedback 5 years ago

It's great that the voxel tools exist, but they need a bit of tweaking to help ease the frustration of trying to change the terrain.

1. The rope and land stakes method is garbage. Get rid of it. It takes too long to set up and the results are poor.

2. The "Snap to Grid" in the voxel panel needs to be able to LOCK to the grid, not just jump around from one tiny grid point to the next. Player puts the brush where they want it. SNAP! It stays there while they drag it all over the countryside, trying to flatten or remove the terrain.

3. Disconnect the voxel brush from the player/camera position. Snap the brush where you want it and then give the player the ability to move in, check out the position, etc. Once the player is satisfied, he or she can move the brush. Right now, the slightest movement of the player camera forces the brush to drift up, down, sideways, etc.

4. Download Rising World from Steam to see terrain modification done right.

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