Unrealistic combat

skauVictor shared this feedback 5 years ago

Medieval Engineers combat is very unrealistic in the use of swords, clubs, and crossbows.

The clubs are the most accurate, but during combat you lack the ability to push, hold and kick, which are important aspects of realistic combat. Combat with swords have the same issue, but have another problem that almost all of media gets completelly wrong. That issue is the way swords are used, as they move like heavy clubs. Crossbows also have a big problem, they are to easy to reload and to powerful compared to how easy it is to pull back the string if looking at the animation. The amount of controll the player have over the weapons are also really low, so that would need a change. I will write my wanted changes and ideas below in a list:


All attacks can be aimed at certain parts of the opponents body and will have different effects. Pointy weapons will have a higher damage-output if hitting a vulnerable area like between pieces of armor with a thrust or shooting it with a bolt. Such attack are effective against mail (all mail should be ribbeted). Sharp weapons will have a higher damage-output if hitting a vulnerable area, like non-armored parts of the body. Heavy weapons will be able to dissarm if hitting arm with a powerattack or knocked down if hitting head or legs with a powerattack. Heavy weapons are more effective against stiff armored parts of the body than other weapons.

The directions weapons are swinged will be decided by the player if locked onto target by moving the mouse the desired direction from the start of the attack, and will be used to go around the oponents guard.

If blocking with a weapon, the player must aim the weapon against the opponents attack if the block shall be sucsessfull. The same applies to shields, but due to the more coverage is an easier task.

There should be three kinds of attacks for each weapon, regular, powerattack and special. The way it can work is simple:

Regular: Executed by pressing LMB and is a swing. If RMB is held before halfway trough the swing, the attack will stop in a guard (blocking).

Powerattack: If RMB is not pressed before halfway trough a Regular attack or not pressed at all, the weapon will be swinged to the side of the player leaving him/her open (not in a guard-position), but the next attack, if a swing, will be twice as powerfull. This more powerfull attack will be a powerattack.

Special: An attack that may vary from weapon to weapon. Executed by holding LMB. Depending on the weapon locked to one or two directions. Will be specified in the description of how weapons should act.


Sword: Should be fast and agile, less powerfull or useless against armor unless against light armor if thrusting. : thrusting, only directions are straight forwards, uppwards, or more timeconsuming due to the needed change of grip: downwards.

As an extra additionto swords, half-swording should be a thing in the game and should let you only thrust and the blocking should be less effective, but gives more accurace and therefore are more effective against enemies with better coverage from armor.

Club: Slower than sword, but much more effective against armor. Has no special attack, but are easier to use.

Axe: like club, but less effective against armor, but still better than swords, and much better at cutting than clubs. Special attack: use back of axe like a club, as affective as a club against armor but is slower than a club.

Crossbow: Should have a hoop for your foot to hold it down when drawing the string with both hands. Accuracy and power should get higher from wood to steel, but reloading time should also increace. More powerfull crossbows should be better against armor than less powerfull.

Showel: Slower than a club and has a lower average damage-output per second. Everything else is like the club.

Hammer: Faster than a club and has a lower average damage-output. Everything else is like a club.

Pickaxe: Like a club, but slower and extremely effective against armor. Should have a high chance to get stuck.

Yourself: Just kick by pressing f if locked onto opponent, and if close to opponent push. If f is held when close to opponent you will be able to grab the opponent and push him/her to the ground, but the opponent should be able to do so themself. The way this should work is to move the mouse and walk the opposite way the opponent is pushing you, and if accurate enough you will push the opponent to the ground where damage is trippeled.

I would really like such features in the game as it makes combat more realistic, something you have to learn and something that needs tactics. For now every meele-weapon is almost the same. The sword should be hard to use, requiering better timing for succsessfull hits and blocks, since if it is to easy to use it is very overpowered, and the club should be easy to use but underpowered and therefore only an easier way to learn the basics of combat.

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