tree plays "falling" sound when nudged

Copycat80 shared this bug 5 years ago

Fallen trees play the "falling" sound when nudged after being felled. After a tree is toutched and plays the sound it won't play it again untill a log is chopped from it and then if a player moves the felled tree again, it plays the sound again. This is a know bug in the community (I even saw it on a Xocliw stream the other day.)

I dont mind the idea of the falling physics object playing a sound when moved, or a tree that is falling playing a falling sound because its a physics object; but the sound played Only fits a tree that is falling from height. (also the sound has sterio so whenever I toutch a downed tree I think that a tree is falling on me from behind.)

Please concider fixing this bug; perhaps all that it needs is a way to prevent the sound from playing twice.

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Thank you for a report. We know about this issue and I we will look at this issue in the future.

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