Timbers can't be picked up sometimes

Corax Wolves shared this feedback 21 months ago

Sometimes when building with timbers when you deconstruct a timber piece it can't be picked up.

This has happened to me twice now. Once was a full timber that I can't touch when breaking down a platform. Another time was a block of 3 small (size 4) timbers that feel off when I grabbed the one holding them on by mistake and I can't pick them up, but they did stay together.

I am able to kick them around and they stop my cart from rolling when the wheels hit them. I have logged out many times since both of these events and they blocks remain in the game. So far this has only happened to me when building with timber and not with other blocks like walls, doors, chests, or other crafted blocks.

I haven't see anyone reporting this issue specifically. I have seen it happen to others in YouTube videos so I don't think this is anything particular to my game or computer.