The game is not playable

Ary Assumpção Filho shared this feedback 5 years ago

The first time I booted the game, it had some problems in the main menu, the bottom half of the gameplay demonstration was distorted, after that, I tried creating a world, besides the sky texture, everything was black, pitch black, the UI was visible, but every other texture was the same color, I tried changing the configurations, it changed nothing, I tried troubleshooting until the steam refund time was out, nothing had changed, I desinstalled the game after these issues, I am very dissapointed, please, fix this problem so others won't go through the same experience, my PC specifications are:

Intel Core i5-8250U

8 GB Memory

Intel UHD Graphics 620 Integrated board

Windows 10 Home Single Language

DirectX 12

There is a screenshot of the problem attached, please fix this issue, in this screenshot I found a tree and selected it, performance wise there were no issues.1f64ac11daf4bb81b74a7582738c42da

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