[Suggestion] Recoverable Arrows and improved Archery in ME

Neil Dingley shared this feedback 5 years ago

It would be nice if arrows fired in Medieval Engineers persisted (at least for a while) so that the player can recover them, perhaps with a possibility (based on the material it impacts with) the arrow can be recovered intact or as a broken arrow from which an arrow head can be recovered to make a new arrow. Perhaps also rather than crafting arrows from "metal bits" directly they could be used to create metal arrow heads which can then be turned into arrows.

It would also be nice if there where different classes of arrows such as arrows with flint arrow head made from stone, and really basic arrows which are just sharpened word.

Also at the moment we are limited to just cross-bows perhaps adding long-bows and other types could at more variety (as well as different advantages)

At the moment it feels that archer based combat is more of an afterthought when compared to swords & clubs, which is a shame since it is the one type of personal weapon that really lets you take advantage of the structure you build allowing you to rain death down on you enemies from the top of you castle walls.

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