Straddle Stone Walls

Virtual Builder shared this feedback 5 years ago

There seem to be tons of regressions in .7 that may be just a factor of addressing them block by block to take advantage of new code, but perhaps there is a complexity factor in play here. My biggest problem is remembering all the rules with compounding, which blocks work with which.

Maybe there needs to be a way to categorize what can be compounded and what will clip or properly block roof eaves.

One thought, which may also address a long desired feature, is to have some stone wall blocks straddle two blocks. These blocks will have an omnidirectional design so not included are wall slit blocks, entry door blocks, windows with directional features such as shutters, etc, and those will have an icon that denotes directionality. Maybe apart for the plain wall block that could be duplicated in a directional category and in a straddle category, all other blocks will be either or and follow strict rules that are predictable.

I reckon with the square pillar moving away from straddling there may be a technical reason that involves structural integrity calculations, but if not…

What does a straddle stone wall achieve?

1. Internal to buildings they are more logical.

2. Restrict mixed material compounding to straddle stone walls, easier to deal with all the visual cases.

3. Wall walks would visually work with every non stone wall block better, work with the straddle on either side, clip in directional stone walls.

4. Only straddles block the slanted edge of the roof eave, all other blocks including other material blocks allow the roof eaves to clip through.

What blocks straddle?

The stone wall left and right arch, the pillar (only straddle 2 blocks not 4), a plain wall duplicate, the non directional stone window wall, the double window wall, the stone wall arch (not the entry door one), the roof battlement.

What block you can add?

A stone wall with a weaker swing door for internal partition, not for barbarian defensive purposes.

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