Steam CMD "state is 0xe after update job" server fails to launch

Drake Tickner shared this bug 5 years ago

I went to reload Steam CMD and alike after testing mods, as a soft of 'start fresh'.

Thus the OS was reloaded, Directx11 is running, along with .net installations of 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7.2

Operating System is Windows Server 2012 r2, fully updated.

I have checked the AppData and ProgramData, no logs are being generated (no folders either).

Procedure has been done dozens of times, results are basically the same.

- install steamcmd

- install game server

- - install results in error message in steam: "state is 0xe after update job"

- attempt to run game, then the only errors I could find were those attached in this screen shot.

Screen shot description: when running application it crashes right away, the bottom left shows that window expanded. Checking Windows Logs there are two issues, the .net and the application - both displayed. The text in the notepad is the error information from the first mentioned window in the bottom left.

Note: I have confirmed over 60GB of space on the disk, googled feverishly for solutions on the matter and have no other applications on the VPS - it is dedicated only to this process. I have done several reboots along the way as well.

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To try something else, I did install Space Engineers on the same instance, which did work fine, if that helps any.


Any ideas from anyone? ..

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