Stabbing move

RockahD91 shared this feedback 5 years ago

Hi KeenSWH,

I know animating is a pain in the butt, but one day I would like to see a stabbing animation. At least for sword. With the other more blunt weapons it would be something like a stun to the chest where you'll grasp for air, get knocked off your feet. The stab would do a lot of (bleed)damage to a character, amount of damage/bleed could even depend on where you stabbed your opponent, but is (quite literally) a straight forward movement so pretty easy to block. One might be able to block it when he/she keeps his/her shield centered (area between attack angle indicators lights up white or blue) when attacked from the front. When attacked from the sides the already existing shieldmovements would suffice imo.

Thanks for your time

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