Sound Issue in multiplayer DS (resubmitted)

Shawn Hester shared this bug 5 years ago

Medieval Engineers Game Version 0.71.58B755

I am having issue with the sound not working fully. I hear a footstep one in every 6 footsteps. The large door gate is about the same for making a sound about every 10 times opening and closing. Same with the large chest. When I swing a stone axe in the air I am lucky to here it in about one in 20 swings. The birds in the background are loud and clear. Also the menu clicks are good.

One thing I notice that in the Sound Debug Ctrl-F11 screen is that the missing sounds are not being displayed under the Last Played sound. So no sound file and no actual sound. For example the stone axe toolswish is not showing up when the sound should be playing when swinging the stone axe. But when I hear the stone axe swing I see the toolswish file show up.

This is happing on a multiplayer Pingperfect DS on server named [US East] 24-7 Peaceful Builders. This server usually has 3 to 7 players when I get on. Also the sound is better after a fresh restart then goes back to one footstep sound in every 6. I have no problems with sound in single player. I have tried a few other multiplayer servers and they do not have this sound issue and they only have one or two players connected to the server.

I have updated all my sound drivers and video card drivers. My motherboard uses Realtek audio drivers and is an ASUS Maximus VIII Hero. To resolve this issue I just bought a Sound Blaster Audigy Fx SB1570 and installed and updated drivers and it does the exact same thing. My Video card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti and running at 1920x1080. My CPU is an Intel I7-6700K at 4GHz has 4 cores and 8 logical processors. I also have 32GB of ram.

Also my Enable Advance Audio option in Medieval Engineers is Unchecked (Turned Off). If I check enable it the sound is messed up.

On other note other players on this server are having the same issue. Some are having the sound come and go others do not hear any footsteps and one guy has no problem. The guy with no problem has a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 5 Motherboard with onboard audio with an AMD processor at 3.7GHz.

I have attached my log files. The files are from a fresh game launch and not re-launched. The log files are just me running walking around the server swinging my stone axe, opening and closing the large gate, opening and closing the Large chest.

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Also I am running Windows 10


We have experienced the same problem on the Viking Kings server. It affected a number of players in our last world. It seems to manifest after the world has been online for quite some time 4 to 5 months and only to players with very high detail and large builds. I had no sound but background birds water etc. You would hear the occasional foot step or plant harvest but that was it. Changing the advanced sound setting did not help at all. It was discovered that most players sound would return to normal as they moved away from their home claim area. If I played a whole kingdom away from my home my sound would work as normal but the closer I got to my home claims the more the sounds would drop out. Viking Kings has restarted the Oceans world in the last month and all players report that their sound is fine "for now" Now I realize that some play with the sound muted but I find this an issue because you need to hear the footsteps of an approaching Barb or enemy.

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