Shield bash

RockahD91 shared this feedback 5 years ago

Hello KeenSWH,

I am back with another animation/move suggestion, the shield bash!

I have 2 movements in mind:

  • the straight forward bash, to push your shield forward, knocking your opponent back and stun him.
  • The swing bash to stun and do slight damage.

the first one would be activated while pressing RMB first, then LMB shortly to bash forward.

The second one would be holding RMB and LMB to charge up, and when you release LMB while aiming at a certain direction (up/down/left) your shield swings in said direction, hitting the opponent with the sharp edge of your shield. I imagine for the shieldwielder its quite hard to bash from left to right (unless we can choose different dominant hands in the future of ME) so the swing only goes up-down, down-up and left to right.

when the defender blocked the shield bash, the defenders' animation should show his shield up to block it, and his feet sliding back through the sand d098d94288b0fd61bb16a399b0e6f1ca

like this picture from 300, the first battle scene ^^

Thank you for your time


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