Additional Banner Pattern Layer

shad shared this feedback 5 years ago



While playing around with banner-modding due to the ongoing contest, I ran into a sad while trying to make a banner design based on three different colors.

You would say, that's no problem, because you have 3 layers to play with: background, pattern & symbol.

The issue is though, that the symbol layer rescales (shrinks) the original image because, well, it's a symbol and should fit with any possible combination of patterns and banners - I get that.

On the other hand, it would open great design possibilities, if that wouldn't be the case (by default).


My suggestion is to either simply add another pattern layer, or add an option (slider) to the symbol's layer color picker to scale it to the size you need it.

I think, a slider would be the preferred option, since it would clutter the banner station less and add more variability in general.

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