TheJallie shared this feedback 5 years ago

Hello Everyone,

Seeing as no one has currently Submitted anything on Roads ill do so.

The idea i was having after my playthru is that there is no true way to create new roads in the game sure there are set roads but if you cannot create stone or brick roads it feels a little dull.

1. I would love to see something simple added in that adds roads in game, with the idea it would be dirt, gravel, stone, or brick roads.

2. With roads there could be a component to it that made wagon travel faster. but this is not needed.

3. when a road is place ether with a tool or built it would act like a normal road in the world and the map would be updated(stretch goal)

4. Roads would prevent trees and other foliage from growing like a support would around it.

That's about all the ideas i have at the moment for roads and i would love to see if this could get added in game.

Thanks again for all the hard work!

Please leave comments below and shoot out any ideas you all have.

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