[Playtest v7] Skull dropping

Scott d shared this bug 5 years ago
Won't Fix

When I try to drop my stack of 5 skulls, only one will drop at a time. I don't have this problem with other stacks like dirt, they all drop at once like expected.

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This applies to all block items. It is like this to prevent griefers from using large amounts of blocks like cluster bombs in the game.


rather than punishing single player players, why not prevent players from dropping items altogether in areas claimed by others? would make more sense. i go into some one else's territory and if i'm not in their group, i can't drop anything or the one at a time thing like you currently have. but in unclaimed areas or my home territory i can drop stacks. this strikes me as a better balance between stopping griefers and ease of use for every one else.

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