[Playtest v0.7] Barbarians spawn immediatly

Stefan Schmidt shared this bug 5 years ago


I traveled to a place in Levos and just dig for some iron when i hear a barbarian. First i was suprised because i have not built anything but ok.

Then i used fast travel to go to umbril (one of the white center pieces) and directly after fast travel i already see a barbarian there. So without building anything or doing anything they were there.

The barbarian was running around in some distance but when i came to close he startet to attack me.

Is the rule about building 10 blocks first before barbarians spawn not working anymore?

Thank you



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i think the rules about where barbarian spawn has changed. i also met one two regions East of the safe zone (see screenshot)


Yeah, the designers mentioned that they would add forest barbarians to try it out.

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