[Playtest v0.7.0.8AADC4] Non physical blocks on 0.6 Blueprints

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 5 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

When playing in my new creative world I have noticed after pasting my most recent Blueprints (0.6) some have non physical blocks that I still see but my character can go through.


1 - Create a new creative world.

2 - Paste my "Carpenter's House (link below)

3 - Noticed that your character can go through the top center to the soil passing through roof, floors, walls and stone blocks into the soil (just the center of the house)

Additional information : There is a few "non physical blocks" inside the other houses in that world for you to have a look at.

> Also I can't fix at all even by replacing the bugged blocks.

Workshop Blueprint Carpenter's House :


Workshop world link :

Go to the "Carpenter's House" where I have added a sign in front saying this "Non physical Blocks BUG - For sale very low price" ;)

Workshop World item link :


Image of the house :


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This bug report is the best. Damned good job!

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